UCONN Home Flat Rate Auto Repair Times

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If you live in an area where severe winters occur, you can guarantee that youre going to be charged the severe-condition labor rate listed in the labor guide. Repairing cars in geographical regions that experience severe winter conditions and where sand and salt are applied to the roads for an extensive amount of the year, are much harder to work on then areas that do not. It is very common for auto dealerships, retail chain service providers, independent facilities and others to pay their technicians Flat-Rate compensation. Salary or hourly pay helps reinforce the perception flat rate auto repair times that each (complete) vehicle is our responsibility.

The first tip off of a flat rate shop is a menu board. Parts that most often wear out include brakes, tires, mufflers, batteries, filters, alternators, starters, water pumps, belts and hoses.

The flat rate information is published in printed or electronic format, and is then used by car dealers and repair shops to prepare repair estimates. When I say “technician” I’m referring to experienced professionals that perform multi-carline, broad range, mechanical and technical services.

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